Oak Bark

The Oak has a long history of being a sacred tree, especially to the Druids.
The bark was not only used medicinally but also to tan leather and to add flavoring to smoked fish.
Oak lumber was formerly used to build naval fleets of European nations. Whole forests were cleared to meet the demands of shipbuilders.
Oak bark has been used since the time of the Aztec empire as an effective remedy for diarrhea.
Acorns were a staple food for Native Americans, and also sustained many wild animals during the winter.
Many cultures have used decoctions from the bark to treat sore throats, coughs, and other respiratory problems.

How can it help us?
heals wounds
stops bleeding

What makes the bark so good?
tannins (15-20% including quercitannic acid, phlobatammin, ellagitannins, and gallic acid).

The outer bark, leaves, inner bark, seeds (acorn) and seed cups are also sometimes used.

NOTE: Over 600 species world wide.

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