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Knowledge Vs. Wisdom

[contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] So here you are reading this and not expecting to be asked a question. Suprize! Pop quiz, take out your pencil and paper, no looking at your neighbors answers, no talking, and when you are finished simply put your head down.

Relax, this is not a actually a test, quiz, or anything of the like. I do have a question for you though.  Can you tell me the difference of wisdom and knowledge?

They are quite similar and for good reason, because one cannot be without the other. just as light cannot be light without darkness, Wisdom cannot be gained without previous knowledge.  Both involve information and ways that they are stored in the brain, however one comes from the other.

the easiest way i can think to put it is in term relation to a butterfly. The information that is the egg comes into being, then from information comes knowledge or the caterpillar [contact-form-7 404 "Not Found"] as the understanding of the information, and lastly the wisdom in the form of the butterfly as the act of using the information to take you to new heights in understanding.

The human skull is a hard calcium shell containing bio-electric/chemical pathways called neurons and synapses. It is hard for the human mind to create new pathways “skills and ideas” past the point of childhood. But, that’s not to say it cant be done. Humans have an amazing ability to question and test the world around them. Through trail and error new ideas can become useful. It is hard to have new ideas in this age where things have been done so many times before you. But, like I said, new pathways can form. And one of two things must happen, either a success or a failure.

New back to the question first posed. Knowledge Vs. Wisdom

Knowledge is the knowing of information, and in its most common form would be the magnitude of people who sit there day after day on Youtube just soaking in the information, watching the videos. Or those that read the books or PDF’s and do nothing with what they have. They fill their heads with information, not to say that isn’t bad but the brain is a limited space. Yes, a vast space but even the vastness of the human mind has limitations. To those people that say the human mind is endless, I challenge you to create a new color.

Wisdom is knowledge that has been put into practice. It is muscle memory, it is problem solving skills based on past lessons in life. Wisdom is held is the skills someone uses on a daily basis. Not all wisdom is held in the mind, like I said a good portion is muscle memory. The ability to carry wisdom in your muscles frees up space in the mind for more knowledge to be turned into wisdom. this process can be called several things, my preferred term is “Dirt Time”. It speaks to show how getting your hands dirty now can profit you in the long run.

Wisdom can be kept for longer than knowledge because instead of just being short turn memory it becomes long term memory, much like tying your shoes or riding a bike.  It is taking information gathered by the ape brain and storing it deep in the lizard brain.

Have you ever been working hard on a subject and you get that moment of inspiration, of clarity, of genius, or the Eureka moment? The understanding that was lost on you before hand is now so plain to see. That is a new pathway formed in the brain, a brand new Synapse  has formed, forging that knowledge into wisdom, making that information easier to remember and carry all the while harder to lose.

That is why I am one of the many who agree with the majority that you should get up, get out, and try things out. See what works for you, what doesn’t, how can you change what others do to better fit your area.

What project have you wanted to start but have not yet gotten the chance because of time spent doing other things?

What have you been wanting to do, try, explore, or witness in your lifetime that you haven’t yet?

What are you waiting for?


Get Out!

Get Dirty!

Get Wise!



Any questions, comments, ideas, or random facts please share and lets learn more together.

Until next time let all take in a lil more info and get a lil wiser.


The Barefoot Bushman