Order Your’s TODAY!

By Jamie L Burleigh CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO! Read More >> Via: http://www.onefootintothewild.com/alltopics/order-yours-today/      Related posts: New tarp configuration… Primitive Trap! Would you like to take part in a fun outdoors exercise? NEW PFTV SHOW!

Would you like to take part in a fun outdoors exercise?

By Jamie L Burleigh Here is what im thinking… Nature is one of our best mentors and teachers. We need not say a word, but just observe at times. For this experiment, id like for those who can take a video camera too the woods, or quiet spot and just sit…. Reflect, and observe. 2 […]

My Dayhiking/10 Mile Pack : Part 5 First Aid Kit

Link to Part 1 of this series. http://aroundthecabin.com/dayhiking10-mile-pack-part-1/ Link to Part 2 of this series. http://aroundthecabin.com/my-dayhiking10-mile-pack-part-2-edged-tools/ Link to Part 3 of this series. http://aroundthecabin.com/my-dayhiking10-mile-pack-part-3-fire/ Link to Part 4 of this series. http://aroundthecabin.com/my-dayhiking10-mile-pack-part-4-water/ On a single day hiking trip it is very unlikely that you would need medical attention, and any attention that would be necessary […]


Making up some Chaga Tea

By survivalbill Read More >> Via: http://www.school.survivalbill.ca/?p=1014      Related posts: Google Hangouts Video Hand Warmers Nice to have on them cold winter days out New Look for 2014 Welcome to our new Survival and Bushcraft School Site!

Beneath the Stars

By Jamie L Burleigh In need of some leatherwork? knife sheaths, belts,axe hoods and slings,pouches, decorative trinkets, ornamental design….check out sonni! Leathersmith specialising primarily in sheaths for bushcraft tools such as knives, axes and saws. I also do custom and bespoke commissions as requested. For a full range of my available leatherwork please search for […]

Thursday @ 9 PM EST

Are you Physically Challenged? New contest going on



Drawing is May 1st @ 9 PM EST

Jamie Burleigh and Brandon Burroughs are having a new contest. One Foot Into The Wild has the rules and links needed for entering.

Please email you submissions to either aroundthecabin@gmail.com or theatcbrewmaster@gmail.com no later than 4/30/2013. Must be present in chat room for the boiler room and you must make a video to be eligible to win. Contest can be canceled or postponed at the host discreation. You must be willing to provide your shipping details to Jamie Burleigh or Myself.




The HomeAcre Hop #66

By Lisa Lynn Happy Easter! Welcome to The HomeAcre Hop! I’m looking forward to seeing your homesteading, homemaking, homeschooling, and Easter posts this week. I hope that you have a wonderful and blessed weekend! Featured Posts Organic 4 Green Livings ~ Organic & Green All the Way – Have a Happy Easter … Read More […]

Green Living Bundle

By Tammy Trayer ~ Mountain Woman Journals I am very excited to share with you this wonderful Green Living Bundle! Not only is this a great bundle, but I am proud and honored to announce that three of the books being featured are dear friends. Melissa K. Norris is an extremely dear friend of mine […]

Immune Boosting Tea

By Tammy Trayer ~ Mountain Woman Journals What with the rough winter weather, the storms, and the temperature fluctuations, many sicknesses and germs are sticking around longer than usual. There’s a constant battle waging against our immune systems. However, our own backyards, wild meadows, and even bulk herb stores on the internet yield much more […]

Podcast #49 Simplify & Recipes

By Tammy Trayer ~ Mountain Woman Journals April 16th, 2014: In today’s show I talk about how we have been simplifying, how and where you can find all of our materials and my writing and I share with you several recipes. Coconut Honey Candy for Easter No Bake Cookies If you click on the magazines […]